Please help by sponsoring a part of the rig! Apollonia will have a traditional gaff rig to carry her up and down the Hudson River delivering cargo. We have made our own wooden booms, gaffs, club, and all 35 blocks needed to raise and control the sails. We will engrave sponsors’ initials on the block or spar of their choosing - you will be onboard for all trips. Also, the funds raised will help build the final uncompleted spars: our two masts.


The blocks are the pulleys, both single and double, that lead our lines and give us the needed mechanical advantage to do the tough work required to raise and control the sails. These blocks were all hand crafted at the Hudson River Maritime Museum through a series of workshops in Spring 2018. They are made from beautiful, locally sourced, quarter sawn ash. Then a stainless axel and delrin sheave are added and the rope strop is seized around - completing a functional work of art. All shells are finished and we are ready to carve your initials in and them before applying the final oil and rope strop.

Peak Blocks


These are the booms and gaffs that support the sails and get them into proper shape. They are all laminated douglas fir and carefully shaped to precise dimensions. They are varnished, beautiful details of the sailing rig. They also have hand crafted stainless steel fittings as caps and tangs.

Main Boom
Fore Boom
Main Gaff
Fore Gaff
Staysail Club
Main Mast
Fore Mast