Apollonia is a 64-foot steel-hulled schooner built in Baltimore, MD in 1946. She’s designed to move efficiently through the water, powered by a traditional gaff-rig sail plan designed by naval architect J Murray Watts.  With a 15’ beam and rugged ¼” steel construction, she’s a stout work boat capable of carrying 20,000 lbs of cargo. Being a schooner, the crew requirements are smaller, and the variety of sails gives us flexibility for different conditions that we’ll encounter on the river. She also has a Detroit Diesel engine that we are converting to run on used vegetable oil, so that when we need auxiliary power to be punctual or safe we can remain carbon-neutral. We’re supplementing the traditional art of sailing with modern innovation to make a highly capable repurposed vessel.

We’ve accomplished a lot so far, here are some highlights over the past few years:


  • Purchase hull

  • Transport hull to water, harder than it sounds!

  • Mount engine, new isolating mounts

  • Rebuild injectors, get engine running

  • Install transmission cooler

  • Install raw water system

  • Install wet exhaust with silencer

  • Fabricate bracket and install alternator

  • Mount batteries

  • Mount propellor

  • Weld studs and install zincs

  • Install bilge pumps and new through hull

  • Transit back to hudson


  • Acquire ground tackle

  • Build mooring

  • Research history and receive USCG documentation with Coastwise Endorsement

  • Sew full custom suit of sails: Main, Fore, Stay and Jib


  • Build booms, gaffs, and club

  • Install gauges- water temp, oil pressure, tach, fuel gauge, restriction

  • Install and mount engine controls

  • Forge outhaul fittings and shape tangs


  • Build blocks

  • Design masts

  • Splice and build running rigging

  • Complete standing rigging


  • Build cheeks, trestle trees, cross trees and irons

  • Assemble Masts, fabricate Mastheads, weld on tangs

  • Fabricate Mast Steps and Compression Posts

  • Step the Rig!