We will refit a steel schooner into a merchant vessel and develop a socially and environmentally conscious business model for sail freight. This model will build a new generation of carbon-neutral commerce, and inspire a new generation of Hudson River stewards. We will help river communities rediscover their relationship with the water, create green living-wage jobs, and provide educational opportunities. This mission-driven, for-profit business comes from a simple idea: move cargo by sail on the Hudson River. Our unique, transparent, and reproducible business model provides carbon-neutral transportation for shelf-stable local foods and products, while engaging and connecting communities along the river. Repurposing an existing vessel is the least carbon intensive way to make the greatest impact. Converting the diesel engine to burn vegetable oil will enable us to be punctual and safe without petroleum. Sail freight is not the fastest way to deliver a product, but our model uses this as an advantage and builds community while moving at a human pace. On a given day we will:

  • Engage students to load with traditional block and tackle methods
  • Gather water samples to be used in curricula with partners
  • Stop and create events at waterfronts, adding value to our cargo
  • Have trainees on the boat, learning both traditional sailing and modern navigation