Sustainable transportation is a critical need, especially on the local and regional scale. Regardless of how sustainably a product is created, it needs to get to the consumer, and today's distribution system is completely dependent on fossil fuel-powered trucks. The Hudson Valley is full of farms and producers, and sail freight is an ideal connection between their products and market. Modern sail freight is a marriage of innovation and history. The technology we use is time-tested and integral to the history of our region. It builds on the slow food movement, revitalizes our industrial heritage, and forges connections between residents and the river. Sail freight is a way of connecting producers and consumers without the negative impacts of current methods. It's about looking to the past to find solutions to the present. The ability to work with a natural resource to continue to do the work of moving cargo is both responsible, and a time-honored tradition. As communities in the Hudson Valley are reconnecting with the river while it makes its amazing recovery, we truly believe there sail freight is the right approach for our times. We're excited to be a part of such a necessary and incredible movement. The Hudson River is the right place to demonstrate this model - an historic thoroughfare connecting upstate producers to one of the world's largest markets. The Hudson has also proven itself resilient, as its ecology has rebounded and the communities along its banks have begun to re-invest in their waterfronts. We will match this land-based endeavor with a water-based initiative.