The Hudson Valley’s producers and consumers care about the environmental impact of their products.  But regardless of how sustainably a product is produced, we are completely dependent on fossil fuels for shipping. Sail freight provides a sustainable connection between our region’s products and markets.

Modern sail freight is a marriage of innovation and history - looking to our past to find solutions for the present. The technology we use is time-tested and integral to the history of our region.  As communities up and down the Hudson are reconnecting with the river, we believe the time is right again for sail freight.   

The Hudson River is the right place to demonstrate this model - an historic thoroughfare connecting upstate producers to one of the world's largest markets. The Hudson has also proven itself resilient, as its ecology has rebounded and the communities along its banks re-invest in the infrastructure of their waterfronts.  Sail freight meets these communities at the water’s edge.

This mission-driven, for-profit business has a transparent and reproducible business model - to provide carbon-neutral transportation for shelf-stable local foods and products.  Connecting the traditions of slow food, fair trade, and carbon neutrality, we will inspire and train a new generation of Hudson River stewards and create green living-wage jobs in the growing river-based economy.

In the process of delivery we will:

  • Create events at waterfronts, using the slow pace of transit as an opportunity to add value and tell the story of our cargo;

  • Train crew and apprentices on board, learning both traditional sailing and modern instrument navigation;

  • Educate shippers, consumers, and observers about the river’s history and ongoing relevance to our region.